Augmented Reality and Storytelling

Here are some interesting articles we found.

This article revolves around the possible applications of augmented reality technologies in museum. What’s interesting is that here the focus is not just on the simple piooneering of a technology. The writer of the articles lays an important matter: can digital experiences in museum avoid the use of interactive storytelling? Probably not; and this is why some projects, such as EU founded Chess Project were created in order to help museum institutions to plan interactive experiences even without having a great experience behind.

This is an amazing case study that was featured in MW2015. Created by the British Museum in partnership with Samsung after a long research followed by intensive testing, “A gift for Athena” was finally released as an interactive storytelling experience, powered by augmented reality, that challenged children to retrieve a lost robe facing a series of articulated quests and objectives hidden in the museum.  The level of complexity achieved by the creators really stands out, making this experience unique, challenging but in the end rewarding for the young players that after the completition of the quests are able to meet the goddess Athena.


After this readings we, Team 1, asked ourselves: is it possible to deliver a technological advanced solution without sacrificing meaningful storytelling and interactions? And if it is, how? Experiences like “a gift for Athena” may helps us to find an answer for our project.


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