Virtual Reality and Beyond

23rd March 2017
Politecnico di Milano, School of Design, Campus Bovisa,
Via Candiani 72, Fratelli Castiglioni Room (B1 Building, 3rd floor)

A seminar edited by Mariana Ciancia, Ilaria Mariani and Francesca Piredda (Imagis Lab).

Con le colleghe Francesca Piredda e Mariana Ciancia abbiamo organizzato un seminario dal titolo Virtual Reality & Beyond, dedicato in primis agli studenti dei nostri rispettivi corsi (“Visualization & Prototyping” – PSSD e “Complex Artifacts and System Design Studio” – Comunicazione), e aperto al pubblico.

Si svolgerà domani, Giovedì 23 Marzo dalle 14,15 alle 18,00 in Aula Castiglioni (via Candiani 72, Edificio B1, 3 piano).
Avremo delle presentazioni di casi e una tavola rotonda. Parleremo di video 360° ed esperienze immersive, un terreno su cui credo abbiamo molti interessi comuni.

Immaginando che possa interessarvi, riporto di seguito il programma dell’evento, e condivido la pagina facebook in cui trovate ulteriori informazioni sui partecipanti!



The audiovisual experience multiplies the forms and contexts of use.#Storytelling for #branding and for social communication experiments modes of interaction and target audience engagement through#immersive experiences. Social media integrate #live streaming modalities, technologies and devices originally developed within the digital entertainment market. We can enter imaginary worlds using a subjective point of view, moving through fictional spaces as if they were real, simulating design solutions, exploring places and meeting people far away as if they were in presence. Narratives and images are conveyed according to a peculiar point of view, editing and post-production have a different but essential role. Through the testimonies of artists and practitioners, we want to reflect on #grammars, #processes and#practices that are taking shape around the technologies of#VirtualReality and #360degrees video. The following are relevant questions that we would address:
• Can we identify new grammars? What is the role of aesthetics?
• Are new or specific skills required? What is the role of the design in shaping immersivity? How can we design properly, according to a user-centred approach?
• What will be the role of the Web? Can we stream the immersive experience live? Can we imagine a collective fruition of these contents?
• From a business perspective, which are the markets of reference?

Programme (download pdf):

Welcome and brief introduction (Ilaria Mariani, Francesca Piredda)

“The New Business of Immersive Experiences Production”
Gianluca Ferremi and Andrea Papini (VISYON and Toboga Post)

“Designing feelings: the house of Alessandro Mendini”
Alessandro Agostini and Alejandro Martinez Rey (Vitruvio Virtual Museum)

“VR medium and it’s language development – First steps into a VR storytelling”
Olivers Pavicevics and Patrizio Giampietro

Round table
Gianluca Ferremi and Andrea Papini (VISYON and Toboga Post), Olivers Pavicevics, Patrizio Giampietro, Simone Salomoni (Vitruvio Virtual Museum), Chiara Ligi and Mattia Costa (Film-Live).


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