Kspace Augmented Reality, an app by National Museum Australia

Augmented Reality apps had a strong presence at the Museums and the Web 2016 conference, including a GLAMi Nomination to the Kspace Augmented Reality Trial app, brought by the National Museum of Australia in collaboration Eye Candy Animation.

Kspace Augmented Reality Trail app

The Kspace Augmented Reality (AR) Trail app encourages kids to explore the Museum by finding characters from the Kspace games. It is an interactive game for kids where you can build your own time-travelling robot and then go on an adventure to explore a mystery location in Australia’s past.

The app is free and it is available on the Apple Store or Google Play (requires Android 5.0 or later).

At the Museum

When you visit the Museum you can use the app to follow a trail around the Museum’s galleries to find the eight interactive Kspace characters.

The AR markers, which launch the characters, are positioned close to exhibits that are related to the historical periods explored in Kspace. Try to find them all, and take a closer look at the interesting objects nearby – you never know what you’ll find!

At home

If you’re not at the Museum you can still interact with the characters by downloading and printing the AR markers. The markers work best if printed in colour on a matte surface and in a position free from reflections or harsh direct light.





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