Amazon App Store: an alternative Android store

If you have an Android system on your phone you don’t have to download you apps only from Google Play, because exist different way to find them. An example is Amazon App Store which is the third most evolving mobile application store.  It was opened on March 22, 2011 and was made available in nearly 200 countries.

How can this Amazon App Store be competitive?

It offers a selection of free apps, which usually costs in Google Play. The Amazon App store does have some advantages over other app stores. There is a free app of the day which appeals to bargain-conscious users. Its integration with any Android device means Fire tablets users, that normally only use this app store, that move to future Amazon smartphones and tablets may use their Fire tablet apps in their future Android devices.

The user of Amazon App Store are different from Google Play. First of all people who own a Kindle device are used to download from Amazon. There is another target: people who like to discover new free apps (which usually are games). In fact 61% of Amazon  App Store apps are games.

Actually Google Play (1,8 million of apps) is the main store for the Android system, but Amazon is a competitive alternative which is growing in this years.

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